Project Objectives

Overall objective Increased quantity and quality of chicken products that will result in better income and nutrition for farmers in Mozambique & Uganda

Specific objective(s)

  1. Develop native chickens with high body weight, high egg production, broodiness and survival under extensive system in Mozambique and Uganda
  2. Assess the effectiveness of different technology delivery models for scaling up native and crossbreed chickens in Mozambique and Uganda

Project Main Activities

1. Baseline survey to establish available native chicken ecotypes and characterize their morphometric and molecular features;

2. Collect blood samples of native chickens, extract, genotype and sequence DNA; Identify ecotypes with genes for fast growth and high egg production

3. Establish four breeding sites; assemble breeding flocks of native chickens; Conduct matings and Monitor performance of native and crossbred chickens.

4. Identify, characterize available Scavenging Feed Resource (SFR) for chickens; Assess SFR and Formulate feeds based on SFR and Evaluate performance of native chickens fed SFR

5. Develop and test technology delivery models for scaling up improved chickens and share information on improved chickens.

6.  Project management